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"ValoArena is now our top attraction. It’s doing far better than top-tier arcade machines. ValoArena generates more than enough revenue to substantiate its large footprint.

Chris Lingen, Operations Manager, RPM Raceway, USA

ValoArena: when innovation exceeds expectations

With five locations and almost a decade in business, RPM Raceway is not a new kid on the block. Following a failed experiment with a VR sports installation, RPM took a calculated risk by making their Farmingdale, Long Island location the first in the US to install Valo Motion’s pioneering mixed-reality playground, ValoArena.

ValoArena has exceeded RPM’s expectations. Four months later, the numbers have indeed continued and what was initially a gamble is becoming a remarkably short return on investment and a solid foundation for future growth.

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The fact that ValoArena is self-automated and headset-free is a game changer for us. The customers handle themselves, swipe their card, and then they go in there and just have fun."

Chris Lingen

Manager of Operations, RPM Raceway, USA