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"We got ValoClimb because we wanted to WOW our customers."

Dustin Pelletier, Franchise Owner, Big Air Trampoline Park, USA

Combining Innovative attractions for winning

Dustin Pelletier owns three franchise locations of Big Air trampoline parks. So he knows why combining innovative attractions like ValoJump and ValoClimb is the best way to boost trampoline parks' revenue. 

If you download the Big Air case, study your will: 

  • Learn why ValoMotion products are easier to install. You get your package, open it, plug it in, and they work!
  • Discover the importance of constantly updated products with new games, levels, and modes. 
  • Get access to tools that will differentiate you from your competitors because no one has seen them before!

“We LOVE the product. So many companies say they come out with frequent games, but Valo Motion does. I love the new games and new modes that come out."

Dustin Pelletier, Franchise Owner, Big Air Trampoline Park