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How can ValoJump maximise my floor-space revenue?

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ValoJump helps indoor leisure industry operators to maximise the floor-space revenue.  while allowing flexibility with monetisation.

Maximise floor-space

  • high throughput
  • wearable-free 
  • ease of operation – no staff
  • easy access – step in and play
  • repeat play: games are easy to learn but hard to master


  • Single unit: 15-30 m2 floor capacity
  • Throughput: 60 players / hour
  • Most popular: games for dual setup (1 player per trampoline)

Monetisation options

  • Setup as open-access or pay-to-play
  • Available payment methods: coin validator, swipe card, RFID tag


Valo Motion Service always includes:

  • 24/7 Customer Care Holistic Care Around the Clock
  • Lifetime Games & Updates – Extend Longevity & Reduce Lifetime Cost

  • ValoLeague & ValoApp – Easily Offer Events and Competitions

  • Operations Hub – Attraction Data to Optimise Your Business

ValoJump game Super Stomp