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valopark mixed-reality park
Modern, Scalable, Profitable.


The mixed-reality destination for families.

Sports and video games meet at the fun court

High-traffic retail spaces are hungry for fresh social entertainment experiences. With ValoPark, step into a market full of opportunities and harness its untapped potential.

Leveraging Valo Motion’s impressive track record of more than 1,400 installations in over 65 countries, ValoPark builds on a foundation of trusted and tested attractions to deliver an innovative new concept.

ValoPark brings cutting-edge, mixed-reality attractions directly to prime retail hubs. This transformation revitalizes dormant areas, turning them into vibrant, family-friendly centers for both fun and profit.

  • Unique mixed-reality, automated attractions that demand minimal staffing.
  • Attract a new entertainment demographic who appeal to both sports and video games.
  • A perfect place for family gatherings and vibrant parties.

Grow your entertainment business into malls

Revolutionize mall entertainment with cutting-edge, space-efficient, and profitable attractions.


Compact and convenient

High-utilization immersive entertainment park that fits into small spaces (400- 1,000 sqm / 4,500 - 10,500 sqft) and low ceiling heights (only 3.5 m / 12ft needed).



Immersive mini-park

Maximize retail space with an active, immersive destination that attracts families, extends dwell time, and promotes repeat visits.



Get the party started!

Establish your venue as the prime destination for private events, birthday parties or company parties, and unforgettable family outings.  



Effortless operation

Enjoy the benefits of automated queuing and platforms, ensuring your venue runs smoothly with minimal staff intervention.


MR attractions

Proven attractions

Mixed-reality attractions that engage over 220,000 players a day with over 1400 installations globally in LBE with 24/7 support.


The best

The best of both worlds

Attract new and diverse crowds by tapping into the ever-growing popularity of both sports and video games.


Powered by Valo Motion's mixed-reality attractions

Physical sports meets digital games in a new realm of entertainment


Mixed-reality (MR) playground 


ValoArena is a multiplayer arena

for up to 6 players without any headsets, wires, and hand-held controllers.


MR trampoline game platform

ValoMotion14902_Socialmedia (JPG_compressed)

In ValoJump the players see themselves on the screen while jumping on the airtrack.  


Augmented climbing wall


ValoClimb is a gaming platform for climbing walls. It combines motion tracking and projected graphics.

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