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Welcome to the new party and sports venue that combines gaming and sports into a new kind of experience. Can be booked for a variety of occasions from birthdays to corporate events. 

Welcome to Lauttasaari's brand-new private event space (Melkonkatu 23, 00210 Helsinki) where everyone can find the joy of moving and playing. ValoHalli™ offers games for families, companies and various groups! Your next birthday, team day, fun time with friends…whatever you want.

Book a place for up to 25 people. The reservation includes your own instructor and access to games and trampolines. You can bring your own food and drinks. 

ValoHalli offers Valo Motion's mixed-reality game platforms: ValoClimb, an augmented reality climbing wall, interactive ValoJump trampoline game platforms and air tracks, and ValoArena, which is a mixed-reality game arena for up to six players. In addition, there is a dining area with tables and benches. 

What can you experience in ValoHalli™?



A game arena designed for up to six players to become part of the game world and create experiences together. Play fun games such as Floor is Lava, Race in Space ValoAreena!



Enjoy the interactive ValoJump game on trampolines and air tracks that will turn you into a superhero! You can also compete against each other at the same time.



Catch birthday balloons, whack-a-bat or create your own climbing routes at the augmented reality climbing wall ValoClimb! From easy-to-climb to tough challenges.

Birthday Celebration in Helsinki ValoHalli


You can book ValoHalli for your birthday party, for your children or friends. Up to 25 people have exclusive access to the private space, just you and your guests. Play, move and enjoy.

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Group Parties in Helisnki ValoHalli


ValoHalli™ offers a unique place for families, parties, friends and sports clubs. Let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to help you build an exciting program that keeps you active.

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Company Retreat at ValoHalli Helsinki


Are you looking for a space where you can spend time with colleagues in a sportive and private environment? Contact us to plan a programme that will bring out the competitive nature of your team in a fun way. 

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ValoHalli™ Layout

ValoHalli™ Rental Prices

Thumbnail_Birthday Party

From 300€ (weekend)

Access for up to 25 people


  • A private space just for your party!
  • Unlimited use of ValoHalli™ games
  • Exercising and fun time
  • Bring or order your own snacks and drinks!
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Thumbnail_Company Retreat

From 500€

Access for up to 20 people


  • A private space just for your party!
  • Unlimited use of ValoHalli™ games
  • Exercising and fun time
  • Own instructor and programme
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Do you need more people, time or other arrangements in ValoHalli? Contact us at info@valohalli.fi

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ValoHalli -Liikuttava Pelihalli™?

ValoHalli is a private location for birthdays and other events in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. You can rent it for private parties or just for yourself. At ValoHalli you will find immersive digital games that combine augmented reality, video games, sports and fun. You can climb, jump and play in the arena with your friends and become part of the games! The idea behind all attractions and games is to enjoy the best of the real and digital world while being active and having fun with friends and family. The games are recommended for 6 years old up to adults.

Where is ValoHalli™ located?

Melkonkatu 23, 00210 Helsinki 

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Who can book ValoHalli™?

ValoHalli™ is meant for everyone who is looking for a fun and active time with friends, family or colleagues. The booking can be done only by people that are of legal age in Finland, at least 18 years old.

On Saturday and Sunday, we offer basic packages for birthday parties and other groups. If you are looking for a space for a guided recreation day or the group size is larger than 25 people, then please contact info@valohalli.fi.

Every reservation includes an instructor who will be there to make sure you have a good time.

All kinds of additional services for childcare or animation must be booked separately and/or through a third party. The instructor is not a babysitter. You are responsible for your guests and children. The games are recommended for children aged 6 and up.

How does online booking work?

Go to our booking page, check available times and book a package that suits you. You will receive a booking confirmation with booking information.

Currently, online booking is available for Saturdays and Sundays. If you wish to book for another day or time slot, please be in touch via info@valohalli.fi. On selected days we may be able to accommodate a group during the weekdays.


My group is more than 25 people

If you want to book for more than 25 people, contact us at info@valohalli.fi. Depending on your needs, a suitable time slot or program can be discussed to leave enough time for the games and your desired program.

For groups of 25 and more, we recommend booking a 120-minute package to give each player enough time for all products.


Do we need special equipment to play the games?

No. We recommend using nonslip socks. The games work automatically. They are controlled with the whole body and you do not need to use, for example, VR glasses or controllers. The devices are safe and hygienic, and on top of that, anyone can play them without any previous skills! The games are recommended for 6-year-olds up to adults.

The games are very sportive and physical, we recommend wearing sports clothing.


Do you offer catering?

No. The facility works on a self-service basis and you can bring your own food and drinks. You can bring your desired food and snacks as well as ready meals. You can also order food directly to ValoHalli (Melkonkatu 23). If you order make sure they deliver during the time you have booked the space.

We recommend that you set the tables, for example, while others are playing and clean up during the last 10 minutes. We recommend disposable containers and water bottles. You will be moving a lot and it is important to drink enough.



Is there a fridge or freezer?

Yes. If you want to offer something cold, for example, fruits or an ice cream cake, there is a refrigerator (volume 171 l) and a freezer (volume 42 l). Next door is also K-Supermarket, S-market, and Lidl, if you need a quick snack or want to reduce the time you transport the ice cream.


How is the kitchen equipped?

  • Refrigerator (volume 171 l)
  • Mini-freezer (volumne 42 l)
  • Moccamaster coffee machine
  • Water kettle
  • Microwave
  • 3 bowls (volume 1 l), 1 bowl (volume 5l)
  • 5 water jugs (volume 1.7 l)
  • Pizza cutter, cake server 

Can I bring decorations?

Of course! You can bring the decorations you want, but please note that you don't stick anything on the walls that leaves a mark, you cannot add decorations on the ValoHalli™ devices (for safety reasons) and you clean the space of any decorations before you leave.

How many people can participate?

ValoHalli online booking is open for parties of 1-25 people. The packages are priced for up to 25 people including children and adults, and group size is mentioned in the tickets. Note that the games are recommended for 6-year-olds up to adults. 

We regularly host local sports clubs and teams with up to 35 participants, usually booking a minimum of 120 min.

If you have a larger group, please contact info@valohalli.fi or call +358407075418 to inquire about possible dates and an offer. ValoHalli can host up to 50 people.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Your birthday and group online reservation cannot be cancelled, but the date can be moved twice if the party has to be postponed due to illness, for example. Contact us no later than 3 days before info@valohalli.fi and state your reservation number. Even if the cancellation takes place with short notice, please call +358407075418 or contact us at info@valohalli.fi to find a solution that works for you. 

For company bookings, the cancellation has to happen 7 days in advance.

How long is my reservation and can I arrive earlier, for example, to bring decorations?

Your reservation is valid for as long as you make it and can be found in your reservation confirmation. For example, 12 o'clock and 90 minutes means you can start at 12 o'clock. You have 90 minutes until 1:30 p.m., no more and no less, and you can use it however you want. You can arrive max 10 minutes earlier to welcome your guests, but the game rooms are only available for the reserved time. This way we ensure the space is ready in time for the next guest.

Please note we do not have a separate waiting area if you arrive before the previous group leaves or the instructor has arrived at the venue to open the doors.

Every visit starts with a 5 minute safety introduction which is mandatory for all players.

If you are planning a lot of decorations or additional programs, we recommend contacting info@valohalli.fi to arrange a suitable package and time for your party.

When is ValoHalli™ available?

Currently, ValoHalli™ is available on Fridays (late afternoon), Saturdays and Sundays. You can find available times on the booking platform.

If you want to book another day, contact info@valohalli.fi


Melkonkatu 23, 00210 Helsinki
+358407075418 (Wed-Fr 10.00-12.00)